Best Alternatives to HiPP Dutch

Feb 26, 2018


One of the most frequent questions Organic Start recieves from parents is what alternatives are there to the HiPP Dutch version. We understand parents prefer HiPP Dutch, however there are some issues that make it hard to distribute. We have written this small helpful page to guide parents who are seeking alternatives to HiPP Dutch and explain the reasons why parents are likely seeking such alternatives.

Nearly Indentical Formulas
Each Dutch formula has an identical formula from a different region. The same ingredients and molecular structure. There are little to no differences between the formulas. :)

HiPP Dutch Stage 1 -> HiPP German Stage PRE or HiPP UK Stage 1 (no probiotics)
HiPP Dutch Stage 2 -> HiPP German Stage 2 without Starch
HiPP Dutch Stage 3 -> HiPP UK Stage 3 (no whey)

Dutch has Limited Inventory
The scarcity of HiPP Dutch makes it an unreliable choice for your baby's formula. Parents love and prefer HiPP Dutch, increasing its demand tremendously. In recent years, HiPP has not been able to match production with the increasing demand for the product. Its' production is frequently heavily delayed. No family ever wants to switch their baby's formulas because of limited supply.

Price Gouging
The lower price per gram of HiPP Dutch made it a very popular choice for parents. Due to its increased scarcity and high demand, HiPP Dutch is highly susceptible to price gouging. Over the last year, HiPP Dutch prices have increased over 35%, making it one of the more expensive choices. Families that choose these alternatives to HiPP Dutch will save a lot of money and achieve the same superior results.

Dutch Likely Damaged
HiPP Dutch is distributed in the Netherlands where it is then shipped to our warehouses in the United States. This makes the products more likely to arrive dented or damaged. Logistically, it is a nightmare. They're heavy and we can only ship a fraction of them at a time. This also implies that there is an increase difference in time between when the formula is produced and available for sale. The other product alternatives are easier to ship and are less likely to arrive damaged.

Better Packaging
Unlike the flexible carton / aluminum packaging from HiPP Dutch which is easily dented and damaged, other alternatives use the better insulated pouches also used thoughout Germany in other brands such as Holle and Topfer. The outside packaging surrounding the insulated pouch is a sturdy cardboard carton.

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