Cryptocurrency Payments at Organic Start Wholesale

Feb 23, 2018

Now you can pay at Organic Start Wholesale using:

Today we are very happy to introduce secure cryptocurrency payments on our wholesale store via CoinBase. Now customers can instantaneously and securely pay for their orders using Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

What does Organic Start have to do with Crypto?

Here at Organic Start, we strongly believe in the power of ledger technology as the disruptive leader in all industries and markets. This technology opens doors into public, secure and reliable systems. This technology can also bridge the gaps of importing products overseas. Imagine ledger verified imports where all the amazing truly organic products from other countries are made openly available to parents and consumers around the world. Cryptocurrencies is the first step in using ledger technology. Having this alternative payment method will help cryptocurrencies and ledger technology grow while also allowing Organic Start to offer its services to a broader spectrum of parents. Cross border payments are now affordable and convenient for parents in other countries, bringing us one step closer to offering these amazing products to parents around the world. We feel that we need to contribute where possible to the adoption of such revolutionary technology. We proudly support the growth and use of cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency payments on our retail site is coming soon!

We are excited for this adventure and hope you join us.

❤️ Thank you for choosing Organic Start and for all your loyal support. ❤️