The History, Origins and Products of Töpfer

Jul 22, 2017

When people search and speak of organic baby formula from Europe, the top 2 brands mentioned are HiPP and Holle. But what about Topfer, the "golden milk" from the alps in Germany?

The Beginning


Töpfer was founded in Böhlen near Leipzig in 1911 by Max Töpfer, the first manufacturer of therapeutic foods for infants in Germany. He developed his products in close collaboration with professionals and doctors. Even then, they achieved the highest hygienic and technical standards.

Relocation to the Allgäu Alps

Dietmannsried in the Allgäu alps

In 1923, Töpfer moved to Dietmannsried in the Allgäu alps, since the quality of the raw materials was no longer sufficient at the old location in Böhlen.

Töpfer therefore took the logical step and settled their headquarters in the center of nature.

The Gablers Carry on Tradition

Topfer Team

In 1958, a new family, the Gablers, purchased the company through major shares and carried on the iconic Töpfer tradition and claim to the highest quality known throughout Europe.

Continuing innovations have shaped the future of Töpfer. Everything from the development of organic porridge cereals to milk-free infant formulas (Lactopriv). The well-known baby powder (Kleiebad) and the famous infant formula Lactana. Most importantly, the introduction of infant formulas with LC-PUFAs (Long Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids). Even the introduction of the Babycare series in 2007.

Meet Dr. Jörg Gabler and explore the Topfer facilities in this video below.

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Lactana Organic Infant Milk Formula

Topfer Lactana Packaging Advertising History

Lactana is an organic infant milk formula with respective stages suitable for all age groups (from birth to a year). It can be used as an exclusive feeding if breast milk is not an option or as a supplement if there is insufficient breast milk supply. Each stage is custom tailored to the specific nutritional needs during that age. Early stages have a unique combination of valuable bacteria cultures modeled after breast milk in addition to long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids sourced from local organic fish providing the essential Omegas. Lactana contains probiotics and DHA & ARA oils. Higher stages have added vitamins for bone and mental development (according to EU law). Lactana is always well tolerated and meets the highest quality standards. It is consistent with the latest findings in nutritional science, never compromising on the pure quality of the raw ingredients.

Since 1989, production of Lactana in Dietmannsried was further developed and has been consistently governed by the highest organic quality standards. Töpfer has remained true to its principles and mission for over 100 years. The standard of quality has grown over the years as well the environmental responsibility and the obligations made to trusting parents.

There is a limited availability for Lactana as the company emphasizes quality over quantity. The milk is sourced from the Braunvieh cows of Allgäu, in the Alpine region of Southern Germany, famous for producing Germany’s highest quality dairy and cheeses.

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Baby food

Töpfer produces its Organic baby food exclusively at the premises in Dietmannsried (Bavaria). For our Lactana® organic milk formulas we use milk from farms in the alpine region that are strictly run in accordance with the regulation for organic farming. In this way, we ensure that our organic infant milks and also our organic baby cereals are processed using raw materials in best organic quality. The Töpfer organic milk and plain cereals contain the most nutritious ingredients that are tailored to the needs of each age.

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Töpfer exclusively uses the best raw materials from nature for its Babycare natural cosmetics series. Natural extracts from medicinal plants such as calendula, jojoba, olive or bran and whey moisturize and care for tender baby’s skin. Töpfer baby care products are produced in accordance with the stringent guidelines for Certified Natural Cosmetics under the German BDIH label and have been dermatologically tested by Dermatest.

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Thing change rapidly When they start to grow up. Töpfer developed the new KidsCare series, which has natural, skin-friendly ingredients with a pure fresh fruity scent and gently cares for their skin and hair. It's just simple children's body care products with no frills.

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In 2014, Töpfer developed the new Mamacare series for pregnant and breastfeeding women where each product reacts to the special needs of expectant and young mothers so that they can concentrate on the most wonderful thing in their lives – their baby.

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